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  • Consultant at Spotney, 2013-2014. Spotney offers direct mail marketing to its clients and uses propriety software. My task is to create the best algorithm in the world.

  • Co-founder of Adscience, 2009-2014. Adscience is supplier of a Demand Side Platform (DSP). A DSP is a system used in behalf of advertisers for running online advertisement campaigns. Publisher s inventory is bought by the DSP in real-time via programmatic buying, i.e. automated trading. The system processes billions of bid requests per month. I contribute(d) to the design of the system and the design of the algorithm. Founded with Ger Koole and Paul Hissink.
  • Co-founder of Yoopedia, 2006-2014. Yoopedia is a social network focused on product recommendations. The social recommendation algorithm/engine has been created/developed by me. Founded with Frank Siereveld and Ger Koole.

  • Co-founder of CCMath, 2005-2014. CCMath sells innovative forecasting and workforce management software. It enables clients to reduce personnel costs and improve service levels. It consists of a number of engines, e.g., scenarios can be analyzed by means of a simulation engine. Founded with Ger Koole.